The ART-WTR Company, one of the most trusted water specialists in India, offers an array of excellent quality yet affordable alkaline water ionizer products. With our expertise in the field of filtration and alkaline water ionizer product, we design and distribute our own range of product that can be used at any setting—whether commercial, residential and Corporates.

Our experience in the industry and knowledge on the demand of the consumer and latest filtration technologies have given us the opportunity to continuously improve our performance and product offering.

It has always been our mission to provide affordable and innovative products to both industries and individuals seeking better health and wellness.

Passion Story

As far as beginnings go - ours wasn’t exactly the stuff of movies. There weren’t any notions about reviving industries or our bank accounts skyrocketing- we were real and we ended up creating something simple and real.
We wanted to combine art and water so we made ARTWTR. Simple. Soothing. Soulful. We believe in the power of different voices. Our five very varied voices came together for the sake of harmony.
We learned how to communicate and delegate. The efficiency and finesse is a result of our dedication, friendship, and belief in this simple idea.
We begin with Chaitanya spending his days in college daydreaming about Europe and working towards traveling to his dream destination. The only caveat- he wasn’t ready for the strange water taps and the taste of the water. Our most basic or simple needs can possibly rain on what can potentially be our life’s greatest experience. But Chaitanya found a bottled water brand, Chaitanya was lucky.
And he decided that people back home deserve to be lucky as well. He communicated his idea of starting a homegrown, one of a kind water bottle line that was aesthetically appealing.
And all of us decided that it was right up our alley, here’s hoping it’s up yours as well! Time flowed past us, and our plans and charts were starting to take shape.
Our conversations and ideas and strategies were now turning to reality. But this was too good to be true. Simple things don’t take shape without complications.
Our distributor flaked at the last minute and we were staring at the fragility of the start-up industry right in its face.
Now this bit could make a solid short film ( in our humble opinion) - Nishant decided to be our knight in shining armor, take a ten-day leave from his other job, and travel to various locations to network and find new distributors.
He mapped the country right from Pune to Delhi and then to Goa. His efforts were rewarded by the interest so many distributors showed in our labor of love. & we ended up creating something simple and real. After all, it’s the simple things that fascinate us the most, don’t they? .